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PODCAST: Welcome to the Unexpected Bye Week!

Nate and BK offer their final takeaways from the LSU game and talk Mizzou Receivers

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Welcome back Tiger Fans to another episode of Before The Box Score: Unexpected Bye Week Edition! Mizzou was set to play Vanderbilt as of Monday morning, but due to COVID, Mizzou is no longer playing Vandy this weekend. So, yes, sad that there’s no game to play this week but HOORAY more time to bask in the glory of the LSU win!

Nate and BK dive into some more takeaways from the game against LSU as well as some good talk about the Wide Receiver position, which could get interesting moving forward! Hopefully Mizzou takes on Florida a week from Saturday, but we shall see. Let’s get to it.

Episode Breakdown:

:56 - 9:20: We are still basking in the glow of the LSU victory! The news this week hasn’t been all good but there were still a lot of good things that have happened so far! Let’s enjoy the ride. Mizzou did so well that they are getting some national recognition for that performance on Saturday, that’s exciting! Also, Drinkwitz is making the media rounds on the likes of Finebaum and Jim Rome and that is something we haven’t see in a bit. Drinkwitz is out selling his program.

9:21 - 34:45: Beyond the Box Score by the one and only Nate Edwards dropped (check it out here), but what do the numbers say about Mizzou’s win on Saturday? They say a whole lot when it comes to getting an upset. Also Drinkwitz did not use a timeout when LSU was on the goal line and there is some discussion about that. Was it the right call?

34:46 - 49:44: Let’s talk about the Wide Receivers. Mizzou was without 3 of their top 4 receivers on Saturday and they managed to produce a game that we have not seen from the starting receivers yet. BK published a piece today about this very topic here, but let’s dive into the new position battle Mizzou is potentially facing.

49:45 - 1:05:45: The Vanderbilt game being postponed is a good reminder that it is still a COVID world. Let’s talk about that and how the Florida game might be in jeopardy as well. It’s time to put on some problem solving hats. Not being able to play Vandy would kind of stink because we are looking at win totals now since Mizzou stole one against LSU.

1:05:46 - END: No postgame pod this week as it is a bye week, BUT Nate and BK wrap up with show with some final thoughts and we will see you next week hopefully preparing for Florida!

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