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PODCAST: Mizzou is ready to host LSU

Nate and BK put a bow on the Tennessee game and they preview Mizzou/LSU

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Welcome back Tiger Fans to another episode of Before the Box Score with Nate Edwards and Brandon Kiley. Nate and BK break down the Tennessee game after we have all had a little bit more time to look at it in more depth and they offer their takeaways from the game.

They also start the LSU preview and Nate sits down with Poseur who writes about the LSU Tigers for And The Valley Shook. As of recording this, the Mizzou/LSU game looks like it will be relocated to Columbia, MO due to a Hurricane making its way towards the Gulf.

Episode Breakdown:

:15 - 15:10: Hurricane Season is here and it looks like the Mizzou/LSU game is going to be moved to 11AM in Columbia. So there’s that for some changes! Before we dive in, what are some final thoughts on Tennessee since we are still licking our wounds a little bit. Mizzou looks like they have a starting QB and BK came away impressed! Mizzou’s defense was also exposed a little bit and that is cause for concern moving forward against teams that like to run the ball.

15:11 - 25:10: As we get start to look at LSU, BK noticed a lot of Connor Bazelak’s throws were going outside to the numbers and against LSU, that is a little dangerous. Also, Montra Edwards has entered the Transfer Portal and that is a bummer because he felt like someone that could contribute early.

25:11 - 31:07: Nate has some numbers and thoughts when it comes to scoring chances for Mizzou before we put a final bow on Tennessee.

31:08 - 52:06: Nate talks with Poseur from And The Valley Shook to help you get ready for LSU this weekend. Outside of LSU fans wanting to have beaten Mississippi State, not a whole lot to complain about because a national championship makes everything a little bit easier to digest. Nate and Poseur talk LSU’s new offense, their defense so far under Bo Pelini, and Poseur gives his prediction on the game.

52:07 - 59:00: This game is going to be played in Columbia. Does that matter at all? Probably not. But there are things we would like to see from the Mizzou Tigers on Saturday, namely, Bazelak’s first game this season as the starter.

59:01 - 1:05:57: Mizzou is at a talent disadvantage against LSU, but the hope is to keep it close and a lot of that rests on the offense’s shoulders.

1:05:58 - END: Final thoughts and nuggets on the game and we’ll see you for the reaction pod!

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