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PODCAST: Shorthanded Mizzou Travels to Columbia East

Nate and BK talk Mizzou vs. South Carolina and NFL Talent on Mizzou’s Roster

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Welcome back Tiger Fans to another episode of Before the Box Score with Nate Edwards and Brandon Kiley. Well.... Mizzou was supposed to play last week but COVID happened and WE HOPE they are playing this weekend but with COVID, you just never know. As of typing this here post, Mizzou is still playing South Carolina on Saturday at 6:30PM on THE HOME of your Missouri Tigers.... SEC Alternate.

Nate and BK dive into what you should expect to see from South Carolina come Saturday as well as diving into their coaching scenario. They finish up the pod with a prediction but also they identify who they believe to be NFL Talent on this roster.

Episode Breakdown:

:40 - 6:00: We are supposed to have Football this week... we hope and believe we will! How’s Mizzou looking when it comes to that? This has been an ongoing issue all season as it has been for other schools, but hopefully Mizzou is looking to be in the clear of this stuff this week. One concern this week is that Mizzou is at 56 scholarship players right now so they are walking a fine line.

6:01 - 28:15: Nothing is normal this year so it has been a tough year to stay interested and stay involved and that could go for the players this year. There are reasons to be excited about the game this Saturday. If you get through Wednesday without bad news, you could start getting excited to play on Saturday. South Carolina has an interim head coach now, so what does that mean?

28:16 - 38:46: Mizzou released a depth chart that is not entirely accurate due to suspensions, injuries, COVID, etc. So let’s try to break down the depth chart as best as we can. It is a real mixed bag when it comes to the depth chart. Let’s preview the game because South Carolina is not very good in general and the stats seem to back that up!

38:47 - 57:26: In non game related news, three Mizzou players have been invited to the Senior Bowl in the Spring, which is great news! Let’s also dive into NFL talent on this roster and who we could see make the jump to the next level come next year’s NFL Draft.

57:27 - END: Final Thoughts and we HOPE we see you all this weekend for a reaction pod and time will tell!

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