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PODCAST: Mizzou loses in the Swamp

Nate and BK return and offer their reaction to the Mizzou loss against Florida

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Welcome back Tiger Fans to the postgame edition of Before the Box Score with Nate Edwards and Brandon Kiley. Nate and BK react to Mizzou’s lackluster showing against a good Florida team, but by all means this was not the Mizzou team many expected to see after the last couple of games. The receivers were inconsistent and the line/Mizzou’s young QB struggled, which is a recipe for not a great showing.

Also, there was a little incident that happened right before halftime that Nate and BK talk about and share their thoughts. What will come of that? Let’s get to it.

Episode Breakdown:

:49 - 15:00: Mizzou did not look good against Florida. This was just a bad showing from Mizzou and Florida was pretty much in control of this game the entire time. Plain and simple, it was a bad game. Everything that could go wrong, did. Mizzou still beat LSU and Kentucky. Doe s this outcome change your feeling about the team at all?

15:01 - 23:39: The O-Line woes many expected to see were out in full force on Saturday but also the receivers started dropping the ball, which is not a recipe for success. What can you make of the WR struggles? It might be time to do some shuffling in that room.

23:40 - 29:45: We have seen Drinkwitz adjust his game plan based on the opponent this year. With that being said, what was the game plan against Florida? Also what does the rest of the season look like?

29:46 - 44:00: We have to talk about the moment before halftime. Thoughts on that and everything that happened there? Dan Mullen should shoulder a good amount of the blame here, right? The announcers were also not great once again.

44:01 - END: Final thoughts and Nate and BK will re-watch the game and return to recap it and look at the bye week later this week. We’ll see you then!

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