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PODCAST: Mizzou Blanks Vanderbilt 41-0

Nate is joined by Aaron Dryden to recap the Mizzou win over Vandy

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NCAA Football: Vanderbilt at Missouri Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back Tiger Fans to another edition of Before the Box Score with Nate Edwards! Nate is joined once again by our very own Aaron Dryden and they are here to recap the beat down the Tigers took to Vanderbilt on Saturday afternoon. It was complete domination in every part of the game, which was good!

Nate and Aaron also discuss the HISTORY (HERstory) made during the game to start the second half and that was awesome. They wrap up by briefly looking at Arkansas before we really get into that later this week.

Episode Breakdown:

:15 - 5:40: Aaron Dryden is back again joining Nate Edwards! That was a beatdown in every sense of the word against Vandy. How should you feel about it? Mizzou has been on the other end of beatdowns before, so it’s nice to see it go the other way.

5:41 - 13:00: So, is Mizzou that good or is Vandy that bad? How about a bit of both! Seeing glimpses of the future was good and then some health returning to the O-Line helps, so how can Mizzou build off of this and who stood out the most on Saturday?

13:01 - 16:00: Sometimes you are blown away by the quarterbacks stat line and other times you look up and see that the QB actually had an incredible game and Bazelak falls under the second category for the game against Vandy. Credit to him and Drink for taking what the defense gives you and that is encouraging as we move forward in the season.

16:01 - 20:45: More appreciation for some of the players we are seeing grow throughout the season and we all know Bolton is great, but Martez Manuel is starting to assert himself as a pretty good player on defense. Can he be an NFL safety?

20:46 - 30:00: A benefit of a blowout is you get to empty your depth out or empty the bench out. What did that look like and what were the takeaways from that? There was also history in this game, which is very cool to see because rarely do you ever get to witness something that has never happened before and it happened on Saturday.

30:01 - END: Final thoughts as we wrap up some Vandy thoughts and look ahead to the game against Arkansas come Saturday. We’ll be back to preview that game this week!

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