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PODCAST: Mizzou hangs 50 on Arkansas

Nate and BK breakdown the 5th straight win against Arkansas and wow, that was a fun one.

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Welcome back Tiger Fans to another episode of Before the Box Score with Nate Edwards and Brandon Kiley. WOW! That was a fun one. Nate and BK offer up their reactions to everything we saw on Saturday against Arkansas and there was certainly a whole lot.

From the comeback, to scoring a 50 burger (!!!), the targeting, and a walk-off FG, Nate and BK react to it all and give you their thoughts. They also talk about what Drinkwitz is building at Mizzou and how Mizzou fans should be really excited about what the future holds. Let’s get to it.

:45 - 17:45: Nate and BK recorded this shortly after Mizzou beat Arkansas and it was a fun one. Did anyone else have some serious freak outs during the game? SO much to get into and let us start with our two stars.... Larry Rountree and our sweet, dear Thiccer who is just nails. Also we cannot forget about the man who turned it all around in the fourth. Tyler Badie who woke Mizzou up big time in the fourth.

17:46 - 22:23: Mizzou won, which is always the most important thing, but before we get into the negative side of the game that was the defense, we have to talk about this QB Mizzou has. Things are always better when you have the QB. Connor Bazelak still doesn’t have a TD pass since South Carolina, but that dude is BALLING.

22:24 - 49:00: Okay, NOW to the defense, Mizzou won! But woof that defense was not great today. Yes, coverage of the Nick Bolton “targeting” call is discussed here and whether that changes much, but man, not an ideal showing from the Defense for most of this game. Also a larger discussion on targeting as a whole and it means well, it just is taking on a life of its own.

49:01 - 60:00: Out of the five wins, was this one the most impressive? A lot of people choose the LSU game, but this one was pretty darn impressive. What do you think? Eli Drinkwitz might have won SEC Coach of the Year on Saturday, which would be a fun feather in the cap for this season.

60:01 - END: Mizzou is really building something in year one with Drinkwitz and who knows how that progresses the longer Drink stays here at Mizzou. Hopefully he stays for a long time, right?!

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