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PODCAST: National Signing Day and a New Defensive Coordinator

Nate and BK return to touch on Mizzou’s incoming recruiting class, Steve Wilks, and the College Football Video Game (!!!)

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Welcome back Tiger Fans to another episode of Before the Box Score with Nate Edwards and Brandon Kiley! Nate and BK were off last week, so that just means there is extra Mizzou news to talk about! National Signing Day is also officially over and while nothing groundbreaking was announced, the class is complete and we know who will be coming to Mizzou next year.

On top of other Mizzou happenings and notes, Nate and BK talk the defensive coordinator hire as well as the D-Line hire and how that can help Mizzou in the years to come on the field and on the recruiting trail.

Also in the exciting news department for those of us that enjoy video games, it looks like a College Football game is officially coming back! Which year was your favorite?

Episode Breakdown:

:15 - 23:30: Welcome back after a week away from your favorite football podcast! National Signing Day 2.0 is officially over and it was uneventful, which is good, and Drinkwitz has the highest rated recruiting class for Mizzou in the history of Rivals so there is that! Let’s dissect a lot of recruiting news and notes. And a fun game of if you had to have some late transfers, which positions would you target?

23:31 - 36:53: As Nate and BK predicted on the last episode, after it was done recording, Mizzou would announce a hire for DC and BAM! Nailed it. They did believe it would end up being Steve Wilks, so let’s talk about him some more and his fit/what he is going to bring to the Mizzou Football program.

36:54 - 52:15: Alright, enough chit-chat. The MAJOR NEWS in all of College Football this week is the return of the EA Sports College Football video game to your favorite gaming console, which would be the first time since 2014. Nate and BK talk about this and which of the older versions was their favorite (and Nate is still going on NCAA 2014, which the person writing this would be as well, but that console and game disappeared about 2 years ago).

52:16 - END: Final thoughts and before we get out of here, we must touch on Tennessee hiring a familiar name in Mizzou Circles: Josh Heupel. He is back in the SEC and the head coach for the Vols. Thoughts on that and other news and notes out of the SEC and we will see you next week!

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