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PODCAST: Spring Football is Almost Over

Nate and BK return to talk a little Spring Football and other Mizzou Football Happenings

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NCAA Football: Missouri at South Carolina Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back Tiger Fans to another episode of Before the Box Score with Nate Edwards and Brandon Kiley. The Spring Game is this Saturday, so there are no takeaways from it yet, but Nate and BK can talk about what they are looking forward to seeing and hearing from the game.

Also the boys discuss other happenings in and around Mizzou Football. Just because it’s the offseason doesn’t mean we take the time off from talking about our favorite college football team. Let’s get to it.

Episode Breakdown:

:45 - 3:55: It’s March, spring football is a happening, and we are consuming all reports because once Saturday is over.... there will not be much left to consume! But first, a little Mizzou Basketball talk because why not!

3:56 - 12:00: Based on reports coming out of Spring camp, players many expected to be performing well are! Is this confirmation bias or are these positive signs we should all take and run with? Also, some standouts that everyone is hearing about.

12:01 - 21:30: Even without staff changes, there was going to be some questions for the Mizzou secondary. It bears repeating again that this is all based on reports, but how is the secondary starting to look towards the end of Spring ball for the Tigers? Also some more defense talk!

21:31 - 43:35: Everyone is fairly certain that Connor Bazelak will be the starter BUT the competition for the backup spot is intriguing since it is between Tyler Macon and Brady Cook, two QBs who Mizzou fans have high hopes for. But which one will be 2nd string? This is a seamless transition into an ongoing series here at Rock M Nation, which you can read here.

43:36 - 52:15: A story making the rounds in college football is about a former coach and Reality Show star from MTV’s “Two-A-Days” — and all around shady guy — Rush Propst. And what Propst said about paying recruits. It’s a story we must talk about!

52:16 - END: Final thoughts and enjoy the Black and Gold Spring game if you are going and enjoy the fact we get to have it this year! We’ll see you soon.

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