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PODCAST: The Mizzou roster management special!

There has been a lot of movement on the Mizzou roster lately. Nate and BK take a deep dive into what it all means for the Tigers.

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Welcome back Tiger Fans to another episode of Before the Box Score with Nate Edwards and Brandon Kiley. In this episode, Nate and BK breakdown the recent transfers from Mizzou and the impact that may have on the team. They also look into recruiting and potential late additions from the portal.

Nate and BK also talk about the All-Missouri, All-Texas, and All-USA Mizzou players at quarterback and running back.

Episode Breakdown:

00:00 - 03:01: Welcome to the podcast! Brandon is in a basement and Nate is ready to talk all things roster management.

03:01 - 21:30: Mizzou had three transfers in one week. Jalen Knox looks elsewhere and might not be as big a hit on the team as some might think. However, with the departure of Jarvis Ware, the Tigers could be in for some struggles at the cornerback position.

21:30 - 30:37: Speaking of defensive backs, what influence could DB coach Aaron Fletcher have on a couple of impact transfers? Nate and BK talk about the needs at the cornerback position.

30:37 - 37:23: The guys talk about how worried Mizzou fans should be about the recent transfers and what the near future may look like for the Tigers hunting in the portal.

37:23 - 45:24: As we continue to observe Drink’s coaching and program management abilities, Nate talks about why it might look worse before it gets better.

45:24 - 55:31: Recent commit Marquis Gracial is a major pick up for Mizzou. Could he be the next Sheldon Richardson? What Marquis might bring to the table and more recruiting talk.

55:31 - 1:01:06: Drink tells the world to keep and eye on Elijah Young this upcoming season. The guys talk about what freshmen they would love to see hit the field this coming Fall.

1:01:06 - 1:05:02: There are a ton of new and returning weapons on the offense. Could this lend to an expanded offensive playbook?

1:05:02 - 1:12:21: Team Missouri, Team Texas, and Team USA are being voted on by position by the Rock M Nation staff. Nate and BK talk about the quarterbacks, touch on the running backs, and look forward to the loaded group of past wide receivers. Who was your favorite at each position?

1:12:21 - END: Outro! Have a great weekend watching Mizzou Softball dominate and please give us a follow on all of the socials, @RockMNation. MIZ!

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