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PODCAST: Boston College recap, defense talk, and should we see Tyler Macon more?

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The BC loss gave us a glimpse at how the rest of the season will go. What could Drink do to plan for the future?

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Harrison Mevis is a God.
Mizzou Athletics

Welcome back Tiger Fans to another episode of Before the Box Score with Nate Edwards and Brandon Kiley. In this episode we talk about the loss to Boston College in overtime, full of bad turnovers and that horrendous run defense.

Nate and BK also share their thoughts about wanting to see a little more of Tyler Macon.

Episode Breakdown:

00:00 - 04:55: Hey, we lost again and that’s okay! Boston College is a tough game, especially on the road. Nate and BK start off the episode talking about expectations prior to this game.
04:55 - 14:55: Mizzou lost because of two main reasons: turnovers and run defense. Oh that dreaded run defense. Nate and BK go in depth on the defense.
14:55 - 19:40: Let’s rewind back to 2016 when Odom ran the defense. And what can we learn from then?
19:40 - 22:45: Looking forward. How can Mizzou secure a bowl game?
22:45 - 31:31: Talking Connor Bazelak and some offense.
31:31 - 35:33: Harrison. Freaking. Mevis.
35:33 - 45:01: With the deep ball threat not there, should we be seeing Tyler Macon a little bit more?
45:01 - 48:27: Final thoughts on the BC game.
48:27 - END: That’s it. That’s the podcast.

Levi Hutmacher

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