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It’s sad to see him go, but it’s time for Mizzou to get this new hire right.

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Welcome to this emergency podcast episode on Rock M Nation. This isn’t BTSB. This isn’t Dive Cuts. This is just us, well, Sam and BK, talking about Cuonzo Martin’s departure and where Mizzou goes from here. I won’t be doing a time breakdown on this one, because it’s all about what Mizzou does.

Cuonzo was such a special person who made a lasting impact on nearly everyone he crossed paths with. He is who fathers and mothers want building up their young men. He is a fighter, a leader, and an overall fantastic human being. He brought the program out of the ashes, inspired hope again, and continued to fight til the end. I, Levi, am so thankful for him and what he has done for Mizzou given what he was handed.

Now, sometimes it’s just best for two people in a relationship to part their ways for greener pastures. And that is what has happened here with Mizzou. We have to stop the slander and instant bombastic congratulations at his departure. He is a good man, did his best to improve Mizzou, and did to a point. So let’s thank him and wish him well.

So, who will be the next coach?

Sean Miller?

Rick Pitino? (Lol)

Kim English?

Listen to the episode to see who the guys believe would be the best choice at Mizzou. A candidate that Sam even swayed BK to agreeing on.

Thanks for listening everyone!


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