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WATCH: Post-Selection Show Live Stream

We know where Mizzou is going, now follow along as we talk about it.

NCAA Basketball: SEC Conference Tournament Semifinals - Alabama vs Missouri Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Trying this again!

The bracket has been revealed! The seeds have been shown! Now follow along as Matt Harris and I take a deep dive into the teams, the games, and the matchups.

The Live Stream starts around 8pm tonight (provided we get it working, but we’re pretty sure we’ve got it figured out).

If you click through to YouTube you can join into the chat and send questions our way. Also don’t forget to like and subscribe!

The Live Stream starts (around) 6:30pm central time.

So we had some technical difficulties. And for that I’m sorry. YouTube and the recording software we were using called OBS were not communicating with the video part of the of the feed. Which kind of defeats the purpose. We’re going to try and set this up for tomorrow after some more troubleshooting.