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Rock-M-Tology: Happy Selection Sunday, where Mizzou comes in as a No. 7 seed.

Selection Sunday is here! The Missouri Tigers are getting their name called. The only question is where.

Rock-M-Tology: Mizzou avoids 8/9 game with SEC Tournament win over Georgia

Mizzou did what they needed to do in their first day of the SEC Tournament, but opportunities remain to improve their seeding.

Rock-M-Tology: Mizzou back to a No. 7 after loss to LSU

Missouri dropped their regular season finale to LSU and now it’s off to the postseason with plenty to play for

Rock-M-Tology: Road win over Florida moves Missouri up to a No. 6 seed

Mizzou’s key road win at Florida is yet another Quadrant 1 victory. That’s deserving of a No. 6 seed

Rock-M-Tology: Idle Saturday keeps Mizzou on the seven seed line

Mizzou didn’t play on Saturday. Maybe that was a good thing.

Rock-M-Tology: Mizzou sinks to the seven seed line

Mizzou drops to a No. 7 seed, but more opportunities remain to improve their seeding

Rock-M-Tology: Staying at a Six

Mizzou’s win over South Carolina doesn’t do a whole lot, but it was much needed. It’s safe to call the Tigers an NCAA Tournament lock now.

Rock-M-Tology: Welcome to the Six Seed

Mizzou is still well into the NCAA Tournament (for now).

Rock-M-Tology: 0-2 week drops Missouri to the five seed line

Mizzou picked the wrong time to lose back-to-back games for the first time all season

Rock-M-Tology: Loss to Ole Miss drops Missouri to a No. 3 seed with little room for error

Mizzou’s resume is still impressive, but Wednesday night took a hit

Rock-M-Tology: Another Quadrant 1 win moves Mizzou up to a No. 2 seed

Mizzou’s resume speaks for itself, and they just keep winning

Rock-M-Tology: A lot of movement, but Mizzou stays put on the three seed line

There were a lot of ranked teams that lost to unranked teams this week. Missouri wasn’t one of them. That should be rewarded.

Rock-M-Tology: A look at where Missouri Basketball stands in our latest projections

ROCK-M-TOLOGY IS BACK! Mizzou Basketball is NCAA Tournament good this season. What’s this team’s ceiling?

Rock-M-Tology, Selection Sunday Edition

NCAA Tournament bracket projections for the morning of Selection Sunday.


NCAA tournament bracket projections as of March 9. Top 4 seeds: Kentucky, Villanova, Duke, Virginia.


College basketball bracket projections as of March 2. Last four teams in: NC State (17-12), Tulsa (21-6), Temple (20-9), Davidson (20-6). First four out: Illinois (18-11), Purdue (19-10), Texas (17-12), UCLA (18-12).


NCAA basketball tournament projections for February 23.


Your top seeds: Kentucky, Virginia, Kansas, and Duke.


NCAA college basketball bracket projections as of February 9.


College basketball tournament bracket projections as of February 2.


Final bracket projections for the 2014 NCAA Basketball Tournament on Selection Sunday.


NCAA Basketball Tournament projections for Monday, March 10.


NCAA Basketball Tournament bracket projections for March 3, 2014.


NCAA Tournament bracket projections for February 17.


Bracket projections for the 2013 NCAA men's basketball tournament.


College basketball bracket projections.

It's Colorado State in Lexington

Well, we didn't have to wait long to find out who/where Missouri would be playing in the NCAA Tournament.


Sunday live thread!


Seven spots for 10 bubble teams, basically.


Featuring a pretty favorable Path to Destiny™ for once.


In which Missouri flirts with escaping the 8-9 line...


Mizzou's inevitable path to destiny: Colorado-Duke-Kansas State-Louisvile-Michigan-Florida.


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