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In the Short Corner: A one-on-one interview with Mizzou assistant Brad Loos #RallyForRhyan

After talking to Brad Loos, and editing our interview, I decided it might be fun to make this the first episode of a new project I'm going to call "In The Short Corner". As many of you probably know, the short corner is one of my favorite spots on the basketball floor. It's a great place to attack a defense from, and I thought that sort of fit with what I want this project to become.

In the first episode, Coach Loos and I talked about the Missouri Basketball season to date, the impact of the freshmen class on the team, and we finished up with an update on the #RallyForRhyan. It was a very interesting interview (for me anyway).

I hope you all enjoy episode one of "In the Short Corner"

So again, here is the info for the Rally For Rhyan donations, etc:

Central Bank of Boone County (Downtown branch) at 720 East Broadway, Columbia, MO 65201 Attn: Bill Costello