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Snap Counts

Missouri-Arkansas snap counts: Johnny Wholeteam Rides Again

Seniors get a nice sendoff in a rout of the Razorbacks. Sack lunches served early and often.

Missouri-Vanderbilt snap counts: Tigers have fun with the power run

Backs gash Vanderbilt between the tackles...but the defense gives up more than a field’s worth of yards after missed tackles.

Missouri-Florida snap counts: The blitz doth not faze Drew Lock

Pass game death by a thousand little cuts...and a couple big ones.

Missouri-Kentucky snap counts: Tigers’ Run Game Can’t Stretch Wildcats’ Defense

Missouri tried to get outside the tackles to fertile ground against Kentucky. It just didn’t work all that well.

Missouri-Memphis snap counts: Drew Lock Gets His Rhythm Back

Short throws set up big bombs, and the pass rush starts getting home.

2018, a solid base defense, and oh, those intermediate throws

The NFL scouts may be onto something when it comes to Drew Lock.

The beauty of the H-Back

One 6’6, 250-pound guy stationed in the backfield means great things for the Tigers’ offense.

Ish Witter’s late season excellence and why Drew Lock should return

Missed tackles and blown coverages. What, is this September again?

Phat Albert, LBs wrecking shop, and a stable defense, at long last

It was a very good day for the Tigers’ linebackers and their freshman tight end. Oh, and Terry Beckner Jr.

Yet again, Missouri dominates a former SEC power in the trenches

Missouri-Tennessee Snap Analysis: Running Off Tackle and Will McBride’s Nightmare Fuel

A delightfully deliberate offense

Give me Albert Okwuegbunam, Kendall Blanton, Jason Reese, Brendan Scales, and Alec Abeln all on the field at once. This is my solemn wish.

Cushions, blitzing, and who will be Terry Beckner’s huckleberry?

The Tigers throw a whole bunch of players at the field in another rout.

Third-down scheming and long-ball throwing

The Tigers showed the Vandals’ offense six different faces on third and fourth downs.

OK Albert, whiffing on tackles, and the Secondary Tango

The Georgia loss signals a youth movement in the Tigers’ secondary...or maybe not.

Passing success, defensive standouts, and diagnosing bust plays

The Tigers got close against the Wildcats, but there was just enough sloppiness to doom them.

About Barry Odom’s “Rebuild” Narrative

This ‘turnaround’ team gets 63% of its snaps from juniors and seniors

Pre-snap motioning and snaps for greenhorns

Missouri’s base defense hemorrhages yards, while the four-wideout set can’t gain a foothold

What is Missouri’s defensive identity?

Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad.

Missed tacklers, a missing tailback, and moving to second reads

South Carolina forced Drew Lock to hold onto the ball longer, and that was not a good thing for Missouri.

Rotating receivers, tandem tight ends, and YAC!

Tigers receivers made catches against the Bears...then kept going...and going...and going...

Depth Charts: What Substitution Patterns Can We Expect?

I’ve got 2016 snap counts, and I’m not afraid to use them.

Do returning snaps always mean returning strength?

What can recent history tell us about whether experience equals success for Missouri football?

Diving Deep into Missouri Depth Charts

We have our first Missouri football depth chart of the fall. How accurate will that end up being?

Charles Harris: A true difference-maker

A two-star recruit turned probable first-round draft pick, Charles Harris definitely made his presence (and absence) felt with Missouri.

Everyone back on O, no one back on D

Tigers lean heavily on the H-back and can’t stop the run no matter what formation they tried.

High Risk = High Reward

Boy, did Drew Lock like taking deep shots against Arkansas.

Terrible Tackling, TEs Moving People and a Busted Base

MU’s defense missed fewer tackles than Tennessee’s. The Tigers’ were just more costly.

The Four-Figure Club: A Damarea Crockett Story

Just how select a company will Damarea Crockett keep if he tops 1,000 yards as a freshman?

Pass rushers galore!

MU didn’t need more than 4 rushers to get home. It just needed the right 4 rushers.

Read and React: Drew Lock’s pass game

How much field reading did Missouri’s QB do against South Carolina?

Unbalanced lines and an unsuccessful dime

Missouri’s offense and defense both played well in spots against South Carolina. The other spots were what led to a loss.

When the going gets tough, Missouri’s offense has trouble getting going

Missouri’s offense has executed well when up or down big. But when it’s close? Different story.


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