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State of the Nation

What I Think I Know: Bad teams lose to bad teams

We’re talking about a scrimmage?

What I Think I Know: Ish Just Means More

I THINK Mizzou’s effort against Kentucky was a pleasant surprise. The Tigers need to show more than one game of fight to prove critics wrong and more important, for a chance at another W this season.

What I Think I Know: Kentucky is a basketball school

I THINK Mizzou’s upcoming opponent, Kentucky, beat South Carolina this year. I KNOW Missouri did not.

What I Think I Know: I Want to Believe Barry Odom’s turnaround narrative

I think Mizzou can’t lose the bye week ...but I don’t KNOW that.

What I Think I Know: A knee-jerk firing won’t fix a bad Missouri team

What do you Hope to Learn from Mizzou vs Auburn?

What I Think I Know: It’s not Missouri Basketball Season yet

It’s only September and a ton of football is still to be played, Tigers fans.

What I Think I Know: Barry Odom is running Mizzou’s defense

Missouri is paying someone a lot of money to "coordinate defense" and other things we think we know after the first week of college football.

Morat: American Football Learnings of Missouri for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Rock M

Alec Blome lays out the State of Mizzou Nation heading into week 1 of the college football season.

Featured Fanshot

Mizzou at the bottom of SEC revenue, but still turned a profit!

Missouri ranks at the bottom of the SEC in terms of football revenue ($34.6 million) and profit ($13.5 million). Per the article Missouri had $2.6 million profit when removing football revenue - the only school that could make that claim. The numbers come from open records request for the 2015-16 academic year.

Mizzou receives a $1 million donation to new football facility

With now a net total of $11 million in large donations, Sterk and the athletic department are finding momentum for the new football facilities campaign.

South end zone atop renovations list

Missouri athletic director Jim Sterk talked to media about south end zone renovation, upgraded football facilities, upgraded *everything else* facilities, new softball field, new baseball turf, etc. Lots of projects underway at Mizzou.

"I’m not from Missouri, but I am now."

New Missouri athletic director Jim Sterk said all the right things at his introductory press conference. And now the real work begins.

Jim Sterk is officially Mizzou's new AD

Missouri's athletic director search finally comes to a close.

Interim Mizzou

Hank Foley is Mizzou's Interim Athletic Director, Barry Odom is the Designated Survivor

Featured Fanshot

Wren Baker to become North Texas athletic director

It's time for an interim interim athletic director! Wren Baker, who took over as Mizzou's AD after Mack Rhoades left for Baylor, will leave for UNT. Congrats to him. It's hard to be impressive when you're only on the job for a few days, but he was indeed impressive.

A new name emerges in the AD search

NIU athletic director Sean Frazier has emerged as a potentially serious candidate for the Missouri athletic director search.

Mizzou announces committee for AD search

Mizzou paid Korn Ferry $206,000 to find Mack Rhoades. The university will now resort to a five-person advisory committee, plus the same firm that was used to hire Kim Anderson.

Featured Fanshot

Joe Buck casts his vote for Mizzou AD

American sportscaster and son of legend Jack Buck has thrown his support behind a former broadcast partner Jon Sunvold to become Mizzou's next AD.

Who wants to go back to the Big 12?

Bill Snyder says a couple of Big 12 escapees want back in. What say you, Mizzou fans?

A Q&A with Wren Baker

Wren Baker, Missouri's interim athletic director, sat down for an interview with Rock M Nation to discuss Missouri's turbulent year, football facility upgrades, Kim Anderson, and how every job you have is a learning experience.

Wren Baker and the draw of the short-term AD

A look at the issues Wren Baker is facing as Missouri’s interim athletic director and why the interim tag could be very useful for making tough decisions.

Searching for Mizzou's next AD

Wren Baker will get the first shot at the Missouri athletic director job in Mack Rhoades' absence; he will serve as interim AD during what could be a lengthy search, and he's well-regarded enough to perhaps secure the gig.

Mizzou Sets Fundraising Record

Support for Mizzou runs deep with alumni, as the school sets a fiscal year record in donations.

Examining Possible Non-Conference Opponents

Let’s tier the potential opponents, and detail why we would love to play them.

Exposing the Mizzouminati

Last February, we were made aware of the Mizzouminati's existence. Armed with that knowledge, one can start to see some strange coincidences surrounding Missouri's athletic programs. It's time to open your eyes. #StayWoke


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