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What I Think I Know: Bad teams lose to bad teams

We’re talking about a scrimmage?

Football season has just barely crossed the midway point, yet, all Mizzou fans can talk about is a scrimmage. A SCRIMMAGE?!

This will probably be the only scheduled meeting between these two BASKETBALL schools until Self resigns so, enjoy the exhibition. If you’re like me and do not believe this scrimmage to be a life-altering moment – or can’t make it to Kansas City this Sunday – but love the charity aspect, you can donate $$$ here: Red Cross.

As always, we want to know what YOU think you know about the current state of Missouri football and your predictions for the Idaho game. Before I get to my utterly useless at this point in the season thoughts, let’s take a look at a few #WITIK’s from last week.

What I Thought I Knew Last Week

I THINK that (Missouri) offense, however, was big-play reliant and not necessarily “good.” I KNOW Mizzou fans should Kirb Their Enthusiasm; don’t expect a similar offensive outburst against Kirby Smart’s defensive-minded Bulldogs.

To my surprise, the Emanuel Hall Show came to Athens and helped the Tigers once again put up some points. Not to my surprise, it didn’t matter.

I THINK Tucker McCann is just fine. I KNOW Rock M Nation jinxed the long-snapper.


I KNOW Oklahoma lost to Iowa State! I THINK… hahaha.


Not my worst effort.


  • I KNOW Mizzou can score on big pass plays, and I THINK that’s neat. I don’t THINK they are even remotely adequate at anything else, however, and I KNOW that’s not neat.
  • I THINK I, and many others, sound like a broken record when discussing this team’s many shortcomings. I KNOW there isn’t much else to say until they, ya know, win a game or two… or three… or six... or play defense for at least three quarters… or two… or one.
  • I KNOW many believe a victory over this Saturday’s opponent, Idaho, will be the first of a much needed and frustratingly elusive TWO GAME WIN STREAK! Yea, I don’t THINK that’s gonna happen. Bold Prediction: Mizzou loses to either Idaho or UConn.
  • I KNOW the fact of the matter is this: Missouri is a bad football team and bad teams lose to other bad teams. It’s rare a “not good team” wins a majority of the games they are “suppose” to win. That’s what makes them, ya know, bad.
  • As just mentioned, Mizzou takes on the Vandals of Idaho this Saturday and I KNOW many of you – in the wake of last week’s Ish List – were expecting insufferable potato puns out of me this week. I THINK I’m better than that. However, I don’t KNOW that to be true. Ishful thinking, perhaps.
  • Marcell Frazier may be “excited” about Missouri’s next six games, but I THINK there is only one of the remaining six matchups I am excited about. And I KNOW Butch Jones needs to keep his job until then…

What do YOU think you know?

What I Hope to Learn from the Idaho Game

  • That one of the above schools is indeed not like the other one
  • What 2-5 feels like
  • New and obnoxious potato puns
  • Mastery of reverse psychology...

What do YOU hope to learn?


  • Mizzou’s defense will play “better” while inexplicably giving up 30+ points
  • Drew Lock will throw more interceptions than he probably should
  • Johnathan Johnson will be a major factor
  • Emanuel Hall will not
  • Special teams will remain less-than-special
  • I will master reverse psychology...
  • Lot’s of boo’s
  • Not enough booze
  • Mizzou will lose 37-27
  • Eric Beisel will return kicks because, well, not because he’s a gladiator but because #NextManUp

What are YOUR game predictions?

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BONUS Bonus Content

Consecutive appearances on the Zoulogy Podcast for this guy. Things… things got weird. So weird, in fact, Oscar split this week’s episode into 2 parts. Check ‘em out!

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