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WITIK: Mizzou might as well embrace Drew Lock’s #armtalent

The Tigers cannot seem to score in any other fashion.

While Mizzou took care of business last weekend in a matchup they were “supposed” to win, I’m not about to get hyped over 68 points, 6 Drew Lock touchdowns, and a defense not allowing 30+ points (for the first time all season) against an Idaho team on their farewell FBS tour. I’m not going to be a Negative Neo this week, either.

Well, maybe some negativity, ya know, gotta give the people what they want. Speaking of people, let us know what you think you know about the state of Missouri Football and your predictions for the UConn game. Before I unleash my bland takes, let’s take a look back a few WITIK’s from yesterweek.

What I Thought I Knew Last Week

I KNOW many believe a victory over this Saturday’s opponent, Idaho, will be the first of a much needed and frustratingly elusive TWO GAME WIN STREAK! Yea, I don’t THINK that’s gonna happen. Bold Prediction: Mizzou loses to either Idaho or UConn.

I THINK I still believe this.


Mizzou’s defense will play “better” while inexplicably giving up 30+ points… Drew Lock will throw more interceptions than he probably should… Johnathan Johnson will be a major factor… Emanuel Hall will not… Special teams will remain less-than-special… I will master reverse psychology… Lot’s of boo’s… Not enough booze… Mizzou will lose 37-27… Eric Beisel will return kicks because, well, not because he’s a gladiator but because #NextManUp

I DID IT! Except, I inadvertently nailed the Beisel one.


  • I KNOW a day before Missouri was to take on rival Idaho, Block M Nation was atwitter with the reveal of the Tigers throwback helmets. I THINK I’ll never understand the obsession with nostalgia for nostalgia’s sake. I also THINK the old headgear looked so odd paired with the new, not out-of-date uniforms. Regardless, an upside-down Block M is a ‘W’, am I right?
  • I THINK I finally saw a pass rush! I don’t KNOW if we’ll ever see that again this season, but it was fun while it lasted.
  • I KNOW tight-ends are capable of running more than a seam route. Seriously, I don’t know a lot about football but I KNOW that to be true. I THINK it’s time to (finally) open up the playbook, Heupel. I mean, there is more to the playbook, right?
  • I KNOW Missouri Homecoming > Spiderman: Homecoming. Guys, I THINK we’ve set the bar pretty low with these Marvel flicks.
  • I THINK I’m about to use a broken record to beat a dead horse, but… the WR screen is neat against THIS (Idaho-ish) type of competition and, well, that’s about it. I don’t KNOW why Mizzou insists on perfecting this play when they KNOW damn well it’s success against the inferior will not translate against the superior. How about some #RountreeReps? Put in a backup quarterback (in the third quarter, please) and let Larry Rountree run and, more important, learn to pass block.
  • I KNOW I have a philosophical query regarding the Misselawaredaho State’s (Mo State, Delaware State, Idaho) of the world: If a Missouri Tigers team averages 723 total yards while it’s starting QB averages 475 passing yards and 6 touchdowns, but no one is there to defend them, did it actually happen?
  • I KNOW I love a team that runs the ball, buuuut… I THINK Drew Lock should throw the hell out of the pigskin this week in Connecticut. And next week. And the week after. And.. FOR-EV-ER! Yea, he’s liable to make some bad reads and toss a few INT’s. But, the Tigers cannot seem to score in any other fashion so might as well embrace the #armtalent.
  • I still THINK Missouri has a decent shot at losing this upcoming game for reasons stated in last week’s WITIK. I KNOW I’m awfully pessimistic these days. However, I THINK I have every reason to be.
  • I KNOW UConn is not what you would call a “good footballing team” but I THINK we can better gauge Mizzou’s defensive improvement (if there is any) against them than last week’s “opponent.” To be fair, I’m not sure we can take away anything worthwhile from last week’s victory over those spuds.

So no, I don’t want those numbers
No, I don’t want to give them time and
No, I don’t want to hear about them no more
No, I don’t want none of their time and
No, I don’t want no spud
A spud is team that can’t play no O or D
Acting like they an FBS team
Giving up 3 TD’s on a tight-end seam
Those stats ain’t nothing to me
I don’t want no spud
A spud is team that can’t play no O or D
Acting like they an FBS team
Giving up 3 TD’s on a tight-end seam
Those stats ain’t nothing to me


What do YOU think you know?

What I Hope to Learn from the UCONN Game

  • That the pass rush is real, spectacular and here to stay
  • That Lock threw for 600 yards and tight-ends were the recipient of half of them
  • That Huskies are actually quite docile
  • That Butch Jones has NOT yet been fired #KeepButchJones

What do YOU hope to learn?


  • Drew Lock will throw THREE 50+ yard touchdown passes
  • Someone will return another kick for a touchdown
  • Dawson “Creek” Downing and Ish “Pacey” Witter will each score a touchdown and a pilot on the CW.
  • Terry Beckner Jr. will dominate
  • Corey Fatony will FINALLY receive that taunting penalty I’ve been waiting all season for
  • During the third quarter, the CBS Sports announce crew will show a “highlight” of Barry Odom’s infamous post-game “narrative” rant and refer to it as the turning point in Missouri’s season...
  • eyes will roll into the back of my head
  • Turnovers and missed tackles will keep the Huskies in the game
  • I will (hopefully) eat crow for boldly predicting Mizzou would not beat BOTH Idaho and UConn
  • Missouri will… win 44-38 (OT)
  • Eric Beisel will make a tackle because he’s a linebacker, not a gladiator, and that’s something linebackers should do on a regular basis

What are YOUR game predictions?

Bonus Butch Content

Tennessee fans may have been calling for the head (and job) of Butch Jones over the weekend, but not me. No sir. In fact...




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