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What I Think I Know: Despite Missouri “losing” the bye week, the sky is not falling

But this weekend’s forecast looks cloudy.

Coming off a bye week leaves little in the way of content for this particular column. So, if you’re looking for 100% (or 90%, or 80%… or even 10%) sports words, maybe skip this week’s WITIK. Or don’t and stay for a few half-assed photoshops. It’s your life, you do you.

As always, hit me with what you think YOU know about the state of Missouri football and your predictions for the Kentucky game in the comments section below. Before we get to my “artwork” and unsolicited views, let’s take a look at a few WITIK’s from last week.

What I Thought I Knew/Predicted Last Week

I KNOW I want to believe in Barry Odom but, again, that’s not my job. I THINK that’s the job of his players and coaching staff.

Curious to see what kind of response, if any, this team has against Kentucky on Saturday. Maybe we’ll find out if they believe in Odom. good lessons come out of a bye week. Usually bye week news is reserved for injuries, suspensions, and firings.

And decommitments.

Barry Odom will not be fired

Nailed it.

Tennessee will beat (#7)Georgia 27-24 because football is both great and stupid sometimes

Ha! Whoops. Football is great and stupid, however. Nailed it again!

Oscar will not apologize

And I fear he never will.

I will finally watch Wonder Woman, Baby Driver, The Big Sick, Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2 and if I’m lucky, IT.

The Big Sick – Funny. Charming. Delightful. A Top 5 ‘Big’ movie. Strongly recommend. I THINK most of you will dig it. 4 (out of 5) Tiger Paws

Alien: Covenant – If you didn’t care for Prometheus, I’m not sure why you would even consider watching Covenant. I, however, enjoyed this sci-fi horror flick, even though the new generation of ‘Alien’ will never live up to the original Scott and Cameron classics. I KNOW many of you will hate it. 3 Tiger Paws

Wonder Woman – While I found Gal Gadot’s performance in Batman vs Superman to be uninspired, she certainly delivered the goods in this one. One of the better comic book flicks out there, if you like that sort of thing. I THINK I’ll give it... 4 Tiger Paws.


  • I KNOW Missouri football suffered it’s first 2018 decommitment last week in linebacker La’Dedric Jackson and roughly 24 hours later, wide receiver Dimetrios Mason was dismissed from the team. I THINK many had a pessimistic “oh, here we go” response to this news, fearing an institutional implosion of sorts.
  • I KNOW I have no such fear for decommitments and player dismissals happen to every program, every year, for various reasons. Sometimes they even happen in the same day. That does not mean the sky is falling. Until this snowflake becomes a snowball, I THINK all Mizzou fans can take a deep breath and relax.
  • I THINK Mizzou’s upcoming opponent, Kentucky, beat South Carolina this year. I KNOW Missouri did not.
  • I THINK this excerpt from our friends over at A Sea of Blue makes me sad.
  • In fact, I KNOW it makes me sad Missouri is considered an easy win for Kentucky… in football. I get it, however.
  • Speaking of Kentucky football, I KNOW they failed to reach more than 27 points against Southern Miss, Eastern Kentucky, and Eastern Michigan this season. I THINK Missouri is in danger of surrendering 30-40 points to the Wildcats this coming weekend. And that makes me sad.
  • Ya KNOW, guys, I THINK I’m sad.

What do YOU think you know?

Barely Border Bowl Brothers

What I Hope to Learn From the Kentucky Game

  • That, from a Mizzou fan’s point-of-view, the game is more entertaining than it’s post-game press conference
  • Something good about the defense
  • Something good about the offense
  • Something good and not something sad

What do YOU hope to learn?


  • More young players will see the field because this is a rebuild after all
  • Missouri will not give up a touchdown on the opening drive
  • Drew Lock will not have more interceptions than touchdowns
  • We will not see a Missouri backup quarterback take a snap
  • Missouri will not win 55-6
  • Kentucky will win 34-10
  • Eric Beisel will *pee on Scratch’s head because when a gladiator’s gotta go, a gladiator’s gotta go (*Rock M Nation does not condone urinating on mascots)

What are YOUR game predictions?

BONUS CONTENT: Two Truths, One Lie

  1. Fred Hoiberg (Iowa State) was/is my all-time favorite college basketball player.

2. I don’t think Missouri is a basketball school.

3. I’d take Butch Jones over Barry Odom.

Do YOU know which is the lie???

This is a poll