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Study Hall

Study Hall: Getting a Double Bye

Making just enough plays at the right time to eke out a home win and secure a double bye in the SEC Tournament.

Study Hall: Surviving Walk-On Bombs

Two straight games of 1.5+ ppp in the second half on the road, hey that’s pretty good!

Study Hall: Scorched Earth in Athens

I support scoring 1.5+ points per possession in the 2nd half on the road.

Study Hall: Honor Heroics

Maybe the gutsiest win of the year.

Study Hall: Rebounds, Turnovers, 3FG

Feast or famine.

Study Hall: — __________ —

A no show on The Plains.

Study Hall: Offense > Defense

Turns out you can out-offense a good defensive team!

Study Hall: No slip ups

Simply just doing what needs to be done.

Study Hall: Stinky in Starkville

Ugly on the road. Again.

Study Hall: Mizzou 87, LSU 77

Mizzou’s defensive effort made a blowout game mildly interesting.

Study Hall: Mizzou 78, Iowa State 61

Turns out shooting 68% from 3FG for 3⁄4 of the game is a good way to get a big lead!

Study Hall: Makin’ Threes

It could’ve been a blowout, but a road win is a road win.

Study Hall: Missin’ Threes

Sometimes the river just runs dry at the wrong time.

Study Hall: Missouri 79, Arkansas 76

Paving a path to the free-throw line and Sean East II’s assertiveness helped Mizzou rally from 10 points down.

Study Hall: Florida 73, Missouri 64

You need to make shots to win games — something Mizzou’s guards couldn’t do against the Gators.

Study Hall: Texas A&M 82, Missouri 64

After a fast start, familiar defensive issues and a putrid night from behind the arc doomed the Tigers in College Station.

Study Hall: Mizzou 85, Vanderbilt 82

Ugly wins when you score 85 points!

Study Hall: Arkansas 74, Mizzou 68

No matter who you are, and how good you are, winning on the road is still tough to do.

Study Hall: Mizzou 89, Kentucky 75

It wasn’t that close, again.

Study Hall: Big Time Braggin’ Rights

This was an ass kicking. It was great.

Study Hall: Mizzou 68, UCF 66

Close games usually come down to one or two small things, this one came down to a fairly lucky 35 foot banked in three at the buzzer.

Study Hall: 5LEVEL1VIOLATIONS 95, Mizzou 67

Perennial NCAA bylaw breakers hand Mizzou it’s first loss of the season.

Study Hall: Mizzou 96, SEMO 89

Not the tune up for Saturday’s forthcoming game many thought we’d see.

Study Hall: Mizzou 88, Wichita State 84

8-0 feels very, very, very good.

Study Hall: Mizzou 105, Houston Christian 69

This was a blowout right from the tipoff.

Study Hall: Mizzou 89, Coastal Carolina 51

Mizzou did their thing and the bottom fell out for CCU.

Study Hall: Mizzou 83, Mississippi Valley State 62

It was all fine, really. Trust me.

Study Hall: Mizzou 105, SIUE 80

D’Moi Hodge went nuclear.

Study Hall: Mizzou 82, Lindenwood 53

Either the defense looked better or Lindenwood is pretty bad! Maybe both!

Study Hall: Mizzou 92, Penn 85

If you’re betting, take the over.

Study Hall: Mizzou 97, Southern Indiana 91

Game one of the College Basketball season and I’m already going to ask if you made your threes?

Study Hall: Mizzou 72, Ole Miss 60

At least Cuonzo Martin solved the Ole Miss riddle.


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