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Study Hall

Study Hall: Mizzou 80, SMU 75 (OT)

A dismal first half, a big comeback, and an overtime win.

Study Hall: Mizzou 54, Northern Illinois 37

There may not be a ton of visually pleasing basketball to watch this season.

Study Hall: UMKC 80, Mizzou 66

It happened again.

Study Hall: Mizzou 78, Central Michigan 68

Basketball is back, and it feels so very, very good.

Women’s Basketball Study Hall: Taking a big step forward

A lot of production is coming back, too.

Study Hall: Oklahoma 72, Missouri 68

Stop me if you’ve heard this song before...

Study Hall: Arkansas 70, Mizzou 64

Running... out... of....... steeeaaammmmm.

Study Hall SEC Tournament Edition: Mizzou 73, Georgia 70

The Tigers avenged an earlier season loss by throwing Kobe Brown at the Bulldogs.

Study Hall: LSU 86, Mizzou 80

Too much Cam Thomas.

Study Hall: Mizzou 72, Florida 70

Dru Smith had the most Dru Smith game that ever Dru Smith’d... and then he sank the game winner.

Women’s Study Hall: Missouri at Mississippi State

In their regular season finale, the Tigers went to Starkville and got red hot... just in time for the SEC Tourney!

Study Hall: Ole Miss 60, Mizzou 53

Another loss to Ole miss as the Rebels dragged Mizzou down into their preferred street fight and beat them with experience.

Study Hall: Mizzou 93, South Carolina 78

A big man returns, and Mizzou is able to keep the Gamecocks at arms length for the second half.

Study Hall: Georgia 80, Mizzou 70

It’s officially a losing streak, and Mizzou needs Jeremiah Tilmon back in the worst way.

Study Hall: Arkansas 86, Mizzou 81 (OT)

Mizzou’s record in close games takes a nose dive via the free throw line.

Study Hall: Ole Miss 80, Mizzou 59

Checks ugly road loss off the COVID season checklist...

Study Hall: Mizzou 68, Alabama 65

35 minutes of ecstasy, 5 minutes of angst, and the sweet relief of another top 10 win.

Study Hall: Mizzou 75, Kentucky 70

It’s weird that Mizzou led the whole way, always seemed in control, but I was never NOT nervous about it

Study Hall: Mizzou 102, TCU 98

Just as everyone predicted, a high scoring shootout.

Study Hall: Auburn 88, Mizzou 82

So many whistles.

Study Hall: Mizzou 73, Tennessee 64

My goodness, X.

Study Hall: Mizzou 81, South Carolina 70

Mizzou took a 10-0 run to open the game into like 35 minutes of plus-1 basketball for an easy home win.

Study Hall: Mizzou 68, Texas A&M 52

Study Hall: MSU 78, Mizzou 63

A poetic and beautifully played first half devolved into a horror show for the Tigers. Let’s just rip this bandaid off.

Study Hall: Mizzou 81, Arkansas 68

It was a really weird game, but Missouri will win a lot of games when Xavier Pinson and Jeremiah Tilmon are as good as they were yesterday.

Study Hall: Tennessee 73, Mizzou 53

That didn’t go well.

Study Hall: Mizzou 54, Bradley 53

If you are going to have your worst offensive game in a long time, you might as well WIN that game, right?

Study Hall: Mizzou 81, Illinois 78

Missouri won Braggin’ Rights again, Ho-hum!

Study Hall: Mizzou 69, L*ber*y 60

Bad first half, defensive lock down in the second, it’s good to move on from this game

Study Hall: Mizzou 72, Wichita State 62

A new recipe emerges as Mizzou coasts to an easy road win.

Study Hall: Mizzou 83, Oregon 75

Ballhandling, defense, and a little Xavier Pinson and the Tigers notched a top 25 win.

Study Hall: Mizzou 91, Oral Roberts 64

We’re BACK!


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