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The Faurot Years

The Faurot years: A coda

Don Faurot never stopped learning.

Faurot had to find his replacement. Twice.

As Missouri athletic director, Don Faurot had to find his own replacement as head football coach. And he had to do it twice.

Mizzou almost didn’t get a 2nd chance at Don Faurot

Missouri’s Don Faurot very nearly could have ended up at Kansas State or Ohio State instead of in Columbia.

That time Don Faurot almost left for Ohio State or USC

Don Faurot came really close to leaving Missouri in 1951 for greener pastures at Ohio State or USC.

A Cotton Bowl in war time

A look back at Missouri’s 1945 college football season, in which the Tigers unexpectedly went unbeaten in Big 6 play and reached the Cotton Bowl.

Don Faurot nearly won a title ... by beating Mizzou

A look back at the year Don Faurot nearly led the Iowa Pre-Flight Seahawks to a college football national title.

The Split-T was Faurot at his progressive best

Don Faurot’s Split-T changed college football and proved his progressive mind.

The “Missouri Plan” didn’t include all Missouri boys

Missouri was desperately lacking in talent in the mid-1950s. It might have been available — in state, no less — if Don Faurot had chosen to look for it.

1939 was Don Faurot’s proof of concept

A look back at Missouri’s 1939 season, which resulted in the Tigers’ first top-10 finish and Big 6 title.

Don Faurot as paradox

Don Faurot, Mizzou’s truest True Son, nearly left for USC and Ohio State. He dragged Mizzou toward prominence but held the Tigers back in recruiting. Part 1 of a series on the Faurot years.