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The Fifth Down Podcast

PODCAST: Looking back at a 4 Game Slide with the Fifth Down folks

The Fifth Down returns trying to make sense of this four game slide

PODCAST: Mizzou Football Continues its Offensive Woes in Athens

The Fifth Down Returns recapping Mizzou down in Athens and what’s happened this season

PODCAST: Mizzou falls flat in Music City

The Fifth Down Returns, recapping that less than ideal showing on Saturday.

PODCAST: After its most impressive win of the season, the door is open for Mizzou

The Fifth Down returns recapping the Mizzou win over Ole Miss while also taking a look at what’s going on around the conference and in the college football landscape as a whole.

PODCAST: On dominating Troy and dealing with injuries

The Fifth Down returns, in which Mitch & Bennett recap Mizzou’s runaway win against Troy, among other topics

PODCAST: Mizzou Starts Off Strong in SEC Play

The Fifth Down is BACK to recap Mizzou’s emphatic win over South Carolina, and take a peek around the rest of College Football.

PODCAST: Mizzou Football Stays Healthy and Took Care of Business

The Fifth Down returns to recap Mizzou’s big win and what happened in College Football

PODCAST: Mizzou Football gets back in the Win Column

The Fifth Down is here to talk Mizzou’s win over West Virginia

PODCAST: Mizzou loses to Wyoming. Defense Struggles

297 rushing yards allowed to Wyoming? Not ideal

PODCAST: Mizzou Looks to Start Fast Against Wyoming

The Fifth Down is here to get you ready for GAME WEEK.

PODCAST: Training Camp Storylines

The sound is fixed and there’s plenty of Football to talk about.