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The Pinkel Years

Q&A: Gary Pinkel on writing book, installing Don James software

I spoke with Gary Pinkel this week about his new book, The 100-Yard Journey.

The one game Mizzou absolutely, positively had to win

Missouri and Kansas played for the No. 1 ranking in 2007. You know who prevailed.

Mizzou nailed the “when”

Missouri chose a very good time to get its act together on the gridiron, surging just in time for an SEC inivtation in 2011.

Let’s relive the 2010 season

Missouri’s 10-win 2010 campaign was full of plot twists.

Gary Pinkel’s legacy: 2 Final Fours (basically)

Mizzou was one half away from the national title game twice under Gary Pinkel. That wasn’t close enough, but it’s closer than most non-bluebloods get.

Let’s rewatch the 2002 Missouri-Oklahoma game

Gary Pinkel’s first Missouri game against Oklahoma in 2002 was a missed opportunity and massive moral victory.

DGB as litmus test

Dorial Green-Beckham became a litmus test for many aspects of Gary Pinkel’s Missouri process

Gary Pinkel’s first class

It’s time to take a look back at the Gary Pinkel years at Mizzou. We start by reviewing his first signing class.