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The Revue

Deputy Manager Josh Matejka revues Mizzou football games from a cinematic perspective.

The Revue: Mizzou can’t stick the landing, but it doesn’t diminish the story

I am tired of this tournament. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of its madness.

The Revue: A Postseason Oscars Special!

Dennis Everywhere All At Once

The Revue: Mizzou’s unexpected success calls to mind pieces of the best sports movies

Even if we don’t get a Hollywood ending this year, the first act has been pretty outstanding.

The Revue: Mizzou calls Zombieland to mind by dispatching walking dead Bulldogs

Gotta stay limber.

The Revue: Nick Honor saves an otherwise bland week of Mizzou Hoops

All rise for the Honorable Justice Robustest.

The Revue: Mizzou leaves Tennessee stunned with a Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

Look up the word "idiot" in the dictionary. Know what you’d find?

The Revue: Mizzou gets the job (mostly) done in a (mostly) satisfying week

Sometimes you’ve got to put meat and potatoes on the menu. Oh, and f*** you, February.

The Revue: Mizzou unleashes one Kick-Ass week

After a run of tough results, Mizzou kicked things into gear and rolled through two tough matchups.

The Revue: Mosley returns to the team. Could he bring balance to the Force?

Yes, I made a third Star Wars article.

The Revue: A tough road leaves Mizzou battered, bruised, but not broken

The college basketball season is long and treacherous. Thankfully, there aren’t many cannibal zombies around.

The Revue: Sometimes you need The Other Guys

Sometimes you need to run the old "bad cop, bad cop" routine.

The Revue: Dennis Gates defying the odds with these upstart Tigers

Mizzou now has a puncher’s (ha!) chance at reaching the Big Dance after Dennis Gates’ improbable makeover.

The Revue: Mizzou commits violence against Illinois and it’s good, actually

It’s fun and good watching Mizzou whomp the everloving hell out of Illinois, and I won’t apologize for saying so.

The Revue: A messy outing saved by a masterful ending

Featuring a host of delightful reactions to Mizzou’s first buzzer beater in what feels like ages.

The Revue: The evil empire strikes back in Columbia

"I’ve got a bad feeling about this," I say as KJ Adams, Jr. compromises the structural integrity of another backboard.

The Revue: Can Dennis Gates re-awaken the force of Mizzou Hoops?

"A long time ago, on a basketball court far, far away..."

The Revue: Die Hard, Cigars and Terminally Online Alumni

"All things considered, I’d rather be in Columbia."

The Revue: Kicking it old school on Senior Night

It was actually a nice little Saturday. Went to Faurot Field, bought a ticket, picked up some rocks from the Rock M. Maybe we’ll go downtown later, I don’t know if we’ll have enough time.

The Revue: Up the Tennessee River without a paddle

Things are never as good as you make them out to be in your memory...

The Revue: Sometimes things end stupidly

Sometimes, a talented person can’t get our of their own way. And sometimes, things just have dumb endings.

The Revue: Nothing like a quick heist through the deep south!


The Revue: When a bad half nearly spoils the fun

Saturday was a horror picture, but at least we didn’t all die in the end?

The Revue: Predictable mediocrity muddies Mizzou’s trip to Florida

Everything is desaturated and ugly, and I saw it all coming SO EARLY!

The Revue: Even in a loss, Harrison Mevis showcases his deadly accuracy

If it bleeds, he can kick it.

The Revue: Sometimes games are awful... and also fun

Here we are, navigating the space between "so bad that it’s good" and "so bad that I want to die"

The Revue: An unconvincing performance casts a pall of Doubt over the season

Can we ever truly know our purpose (as Mizzou fans)?

The Revue: The game that made us say “What? No!”

"I hear you whispering... planning on stealing something? Plan on murdering me in my sleep?"

The Revue: New, Improved (?) and Now with More Disrespect!



Awards are handed out to the best of the best, and Drinkwitz gets too cute in his season finale.

The Revue: Eli Drinkwitz brings balance to the force, continues Missouri’s run of ousted coaches

In helping push Dan Mullen out the door, the Tigers continue an impressive streak of being adjacent to or responsible for SEC firings.

The Revue: Mizzou gets its groove (and the Mayor’s Cup) back!

In this wacky morality tale, Mizzou learns the downfalls of getting ahead of oneself and humbles itself with a mere Mayor’s Cup.

The Revue: Let’s just forget that ever happened, shall we?

What if we did Total Recall, but without the Recall?


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