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The Revue

Deputy Manager Josh Matejka revues Mizzou football games from a cinematic perspective.

The Revue: Sometimes games are awful... and also fun

Here we are, navigating the space between "so bad that it’s good" and "so bad that I want to die"

The Revue: An unconvincing performance casts a pall of Doubt over the season

Can we ever truly know our purpose (as Mizzou fans)?

The Revue: The game that made us say “What? No!”

"I hear you whispering... planning on stealing something? Plan on murdering me in my sleep?"

The Revue: New, Improved (?) and Now with More Disrespect!



Awards are handed out to the best of the best, and Drinkwitz gets too cute in his season finale.

The Revue: Eli Drinkwitz brings balance to the force, continues Missouri’s run of ousted coaches

In helping push Dan Mullen out the door, the Tigers continue an impressive streak of being adjacent to or responsible for SEC firings.

The Revue: Mizzou gets its groove (and the Mayor’s Cup) back!

In this wacky morality tale, Mizzou learns the downfalls of getting ahead of oneself and humbles itself with a mere Mayor’s Cup.

The Revue: Let’s just forget that ever happened, shall we?

What if we did Total Recall, but without the Recall?

The Revue: Winning in Nashville wasn’t all that fun... but it was good!

On the back of a titanic central performance, Mizzou turns in "crowd-pleaser" that should numb the pain that is to come.

The Revue: Time to sit and wait...

Is it the bye week? Didn’t remember, too anxious about Luther Burden.

The Revue: Serving up good HoCo vibes in the midst of a tough year

The Revue salutes Homecoming for taking the pressure off the team and hopes better times aren’t too far off.

The Revue: Time for an existential crisis?

The Revue ponders more on the concept of supporting the team when things are bad (because who wants to talk about that game any more?)

The Revue: Why did this need to happen?

The Revue asks, "Why Boston," before considering field-storming and celebrating our beloved thiccer.

The Revue: Let’s talk in-state opponents for a second

The Revue offers up an MCU comp while bemoaning the #discourse between in-state schools.

The Revue: Mizzou plays a game so weird, it needs to be revued twice!

Only at Rock M Nation can you get two Revues for the price of one!

The Revue: New year, new team... new Revue?

We’re making some changes to The Revue this year. Will they be any good? Who’s to say?

The Revue: Mizzou sends out 2020 in disastrous, confusing fashion

Tigers? More like CATS.

The Revue: Missouri starts with promise before it all goes Downhill

The latest feature from Mizzou Studios had the recipe to be a hit, but turns out to be nothing but a clunker of a remake.

The Revue: Men In Black take care of business, deliver box office smash

Stylish, sleek, and smooth — Eli Drinkwitz’s latest hit at Mizzou Studios has it all.

The Revue: Larry Rountree stars, Mizzou strikes a new, tough tone in DRIVE

Using a new, bruising style, Eli Drinkwitz successfully captures the violent, but beautiful, sides of his cast.

The Revue: Eli Drinkwitz leads Mizzou through MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE

Eli Drinkwitz directs a thrilling heist flick for his first major hit as a director at Mizzou Studios.

The Revue: Despite new star, Mizzou can’t escape DISTURBIA in Tennessee

Eli Drinkwitz’s follow-up feature promises thrills and a new starring face. Unfortunately, it ends up being a bit of a snooze-fest.

The Revue: Eli Drinkwitz crafts a frightening and strangely entertaining debut

After a lot of anticipation for Eli Drinkwitz’s big studio debut, the final product was as expected: predictably scary and weirdly hopeful.

Tigers succeed in Seeking a Win For the End of the World

Missouri’s final act is mostly milquetoast and highly disappointing... but it’s enough to get the job done.

Missouri wants to be Top Gun, but imitates a whole different kind of Airplane

"Looks like we picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue!"

Missouri can’t avoid disaster, will hope for better The Day After Tomorrow

The good guys can do nothing but watch the world collapse around them in Barry Odom’s third straight stinker.

Barry Odom directs utter abomination in Kentucky Fried Movie

How is this even a thing anyone would ever want to watch?

Mizzou fails to deliver on promise in Tigers of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Effort

After one of the hottest runs in the Barry Odom era, the Tigers lay a box office bomb in confounding fashion.

Mizzou football conjures up fun, scares in Scream

In the fifth feature of 2019, Barry Odom’s cast conjures up a winner, but not without a few scares along the way.

Strong individual performers team up, making The Avengers the first blockbuster of Mizzou’s season

A group of promising young Tigers come together to form something greater in Barry Odom’s first blockbuster hit of the 2019 season.

Mizzou brutalizes Redhawks, takes step into the unknown in Annihilation

The Tigers’ third feature of 2019 features strong performances, but leaves plenty of questions about what comes next.

Mizzou Football shines in unexpected hit, John Nick

After a big disappointment, Nick Bolton and the Tigers deliver an all-out mauling full of thrills and Tiger-on-Mountaineer violence.


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